Lost Wax Casting


Lost wax casting starts from a simple sketch,


a small wax model is carved with the tiniest
of details, by skilled hands.


After the wax model is approved
it is prepared for casting.
First a spru is added to the base of the wax model.
This is placed into a flask that is filled with a
plaster like substance called investment.


The investment is then cured in a kiln at very high temperatures.
The heat melts the wax model leaving a negative space. A torch is used to melt gold, which is forced into the negative space by centrifugal force. The flask is placed into water “quenching” the gold casting from inside the investment. When cooled, the┬ápiece can be handled and the finish work can begin.


After filing the rough parts of the casting smooth and polishing every surface, gemstones can be carefully set and the final surface finished to complete the piece.